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Allan Hyde @ LiveJournal

The Livejournal Community that Appreciates Allan Hyde

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A LiveJournal Community for Danish actor Allan Hyde

A community for the love and appreciation of actor Allan Hyde.



This LiveJournal community is an extension of ALLANHYDE.COM,
the un-official site for Allan Hyde.
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Check out Allan Hyde on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.
Check out his short films at GOURMETFILM.COM, a film production with his best friend ASKE BANG.
If you have any questions, submissions, concerns, and/or suggestions,
please feel free to email us @ ALLANHYDENEWS@GMAIL.COM.


• All posts must pertain to Allan.
• All posts must be locked.
• All posts must be tagged.
• Be respectful. If you flame or bash any member and/or
Allan, you will be banned.
• Please do not make introduction posts!
• Fiction, art, news, picspams and discussion are all welcome.
• If linking to your own journal/community ALL icon posts
must be unlocked for at least three days.

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